Incident IQ Features

Built from collaboration with school systems, Incident IQ has the tools you need to efficiently meet IT support challenges posed by today’s technology-intensive classrooms.


Intuitive ticket submission

Incident IQ features a simple, step-by-step wizard to submit incident tickets in under a minute.

A few simple questions, along with the built-in asset information contained in Incident IQ, give support staff a head start on solving your school’s most pressing IT and facility incidents.

  • Teachers Simplified ticket submission makes reporting issues easy and quick for busy teachers.
  • IT Support Team Ticket Wizard provides agents with the actionable information they need to quickly resolve incidents.
  • IT Leaders Organized data enables productive workflows and empowers rich reporting.

Asset information at your fingertips

Keep track of thousands of assets — and the users that rely on them. Our asset tracking system tracks the location and owner of every asset, highlighting the relationships between the staff and technology that keep your school running. Manage your devices, track the health of your hardware, and pro-actively stay on top of your inventory.

Have an existing asset management system?

No problem. Incident IQ integrates with the most popular asset management systems used by schools.

  • Teachers Classroom devices are automatically tied to each user, making it simple for teachers to report issues.
  • IT Support Team Each ticket has asset data automatically included, so agents have the necessary information needed for resolution.
  • IT Leaders Keep tabs on your deployment. Discover how your assets are performing across schools.

Rules Engine streamlines team workflows

Save time and keystrokes by putting Incident IQ’s Rules Engine to work for you. Easily create rules that automate manual tasks such as ticket assignment and prioritization.

  • Teachers Trust that your support request lands in the right hands for swift response and resolution.
  • IT Support Team Eliminate time consuming triage. Tickets are automatically routed to the right team.
  • IT Leaders Manage a wide array of variables to customize workflows and ticket processes.

Share solutions with Knowledge Base

If you’ve already solved a problem, why waste time solving it again? With Incident IQ’s Knowledge Base, IT support teams are shown best practices that correspond to their specific hardware or software issue types, allowing for speedy resolution.

Our Knowledge Base editor makes it simple to record and share your winning solutions. Tag articles with the appropriate devices and problem types, and Incident IQ will dispatch these solutions to users automatically.

Knowledge Base benefits for:

  • Teachers Find solutions immediately with troubleshooting guides that are automatically dispatched.
  • IT Support Team Build a library of best practices and solutions to help you resolve issues faster and smarter.
  • IT Leaders Ensure technician consistency with a standardized collection of best resolution practices.

Batch Ticketing

Maintain detailed, organized ticket data while eliminating time consuming data entry tasks. Batch Ticketing provides the ability to update and resolve multiple tickets simultaneously.

Analytics for leaders

View the bigger picture of your technology and team performance with Incident IQ’s Analytics Explorer.

Gain insights to drive improvements and easily share reports with stakeholders. Uncover trends and pain points across dozens of key criteria, and identify solutions to better support teaching and learning.

Our commitment to Student Privacy

Incident IQ has taken the Student Privacy Pledge to affirm that K-12 student information is kept private and secure. We are honored to be entrusted by educators and families to support their educational needs and school operations. We have built the Incident IQ platform and mobile app to safeguard student privacy and information security.

Student Privacy Pledge Signatory
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